My Story So Far

I am Managing Partner at Arkley Brinc VC: an early/seed-stage investment fund created with PFR Ventures in Warsaw. I divide my time between Poland and Berlin, evaluating tech startups throughout Europe for potential investment opportunities. 

My journey to becoming a VC has been somewhat unconventional... I started out as a singer in small town clubs. Read on for a summarised career history, or get the full story in my eBook, 'Starting Up & Starting Over'.

Early Days

At age 16 I became a professional singer, performing at weekends alongside my studies. This continued for 7 years, self-employed and juggling part-time jobsMy stage experience would later be a great asset for pitching and public speaking! In 2006 I started my first office role; there I discovered the world of business and networking for SMEs.

In 2008 I moved to London where I worked as a copywriter/content marketer, and attended Birkbeck College for a BA in Creative Writing (evening classes).

Business Beckons

My former colleague (/future co-founder) and I started our first company in 2009: a web development agency specialising in Search Engine Optimisation. As a Director, I focused on copyediting and managed a team of 10 employees. We later sold off part of the business as 'SEO Guys Ltd'.

In 2011 we co-founded our first tech startup – fleet management software for transport companies. We moved to Berlin, raised over €2 million, grew the team to 20+ and had clients all over the world. I decided to leave after 4 years as CEO/co-founder, worn thin from the countless highs and lows.


The Move to Mentorship

In 2015 I joined IXDS as a startup business consultant. We launched IXDS Labs: an innovation hub for connected hardware ventures. During my 2 years as CEO, I was also interim CEO for HINT (a digital health IoT startup) and Managing Director for Fritzing (an open-source platform for designing electronics). We ran

corporate innovation and co-creation projects with major brands interested in startup methodologies.

In 2017 I joined Brinc, a global platform empowering entrepreneurs through accelerators, capital, services and communities. I moved to Bahrain to launch and run their IoT & Connected Hardware Accelerator for the MENA region, also serving on the global Investment Committee. In addition to supporting local founders, I developed and delivered a 'startup innovation' educational program for our Corporate partners at Batelco.

Venturing into Capital

In 2018 we launched Arkley Brinc VC: a fund created with PFR Ventures, Group One and Brinc, where I now serve as Managing Partner. We invest up to $1 Million per company into early/seed stage tech startups in Europe, with ticket sizes from $100k to $500k. Our focus is on connectivity and sustainability, which includes Deep Tech sectors such as IoT, FoodTech, MedTech, Connected Hardware, Industrial IoT, and Energy tech.


If you'd like to read the full story, download my eBook: 

'Starting Up & Starting Over'.