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@MotionLab.Berlin, 2020

Bryony is an investor, serial entrepreneur, and startup enthusiast, providing 1:1 coaching for

startup founders and executives. Get in touch for a free introductory meeting.

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1:1 Coaching for Founders

13 years immersed in the startup ecosystem has given me a 360° perspective of the founder's journey. I use this to help early-stage startups, entrepreneurs and executives to navigate the many challenges that come with building a business.


Having co-founded 3 tech companies in my 20s, I went on to run a venture builder and an accelerator program, eventually venturing into capital. I'm currently Managing Partner and Member of the Board at Arkley Brinc VC, investing in early-stage tech startups.

With creative roots as a professional singer and writer, I don't fit the typical investor mould... but that's my secret superpower. I specialise in pitching, communication skills, business development, fundraising and investor relations. Learn how using those transferable skills helped me raise funding on my first ever pitch.

“Bryony's energy and knowledge was stunning... I learned a lot whilst listening to her presentation.”


- Nadine Obermeier, MotionLab Berlin


How I Get Involved

  • Mentoring / workshops for early-stage startup founders. Topics include Investor Relations (how to approach VCs, understanding Term Sheets), Communications (the art of pitching/presentation skills), and Effective Leadership.

  • Speaker / panelist at tech / startup events and conferences. I speak about the topics listed above, as well as IoT and connected hardware, sustainability, Deep Tech, and about my own experiences as a woman founder and investor.

  • Judge / jury member at startup pitch competitions. I'm qualified to give informed feedback on investable business models, pitching skills, team, market, tech, product and strategy.

Articles by Bryony

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Investment Criteria

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